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Today, Joy-e-bikes is one of India’s leading electric two-wheeler manufacturers. With innovation being an integral part, our idea is to bring something new to the market, which can also help fight climate change. A part of WardWizard Solutions India Private Limited, Joy-e-bikes is our “Solution to pollution”. With more than eight trendy models, we want to make a positive impact on the future. After all, in the current environmental scenario, where the majority of the carbon emission is caused by fuel-run vehicles, zero-emission vehicles are a boon. Also, our vehicles are perfect for everyday use as they are inexpensive and require very little maintenance.

Joy-e-bikes presents you with a ride that won’t cost our planet, so you can contribute towards the well-being of our planet in style. Our latest addition is the beasty Monster bike, where you can cover 75 km with just four hours of charge. Under the guidance of our CEO, Mr. Yatin Gupta, we are striving to build an eco-friendly atmosphere, one bike at a time. And, this is not the end of the story, everyday, we are trying to embrace something innovative and extraordinary to promote a greener future.

Environmental Benefits

Contribute to environmental conservation

On an average every Joy E-Bike reduces more than 1 ton of C02 and other harmful gases (compared to petrol vehicles) in its lifetime.

Every Joy E-Bike reduces more than 1 ton of C02 and other greenhouse gases (compared to a petrol 2-wheeler) in its lifetime.

(70 Kms per Day for 3 Years Savings is more than 1Ton of C02 within 3years itself)

Fossil fuel conservation: Just 5% of conversion of Vehicles to Electric Vehicles cans save 45 Lakh liters of petrol in one year.

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Today, we live in such a tech-savvy world that it isn’t surprising that the automobile industry is also getting updated rapidly. But for us, it wasn’t only about making use of the available tech; it was also a quest to fight the most notorious villain- Pollution. Joy-e-bikes is a revolutionary idea where we merge technology and an idea to conserve our planet. Today, automotive emission is the major cause of environmental corrosion; hence, an excellent way to fight it is by using electric bikes. It is not only a boon to our planet but also reduces the transportation cost substantially with only 21 paise per km. With stylish designs, each vehicle sporting a personality of its own, you have the freedom to choose from a wide range of spectacular wheels.

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